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Status Autumn
Founded 1211
Magi 5
Aura Magical
Aegis 35

The covenant of Orkney is the dominant settlement on the Orkney Islands, and is found on the shores of the Loch of Stenness. It has a population of over a hundred covenfolk. It was founded in 1211 by the three magi Alstrod and Radgar ex Miscellanea and Emma ex Tytalus. They sought a place far from the politics of Normandy where they could live out their remaining years without being disturbed. They were soon joined by the other magi who had similar ideals. As such, the covenant is considered to be Autumn despite its age.

It is well defended physically, but the majority of the covenfolk are there to make the life of the magi an easy one.


Alstrod ex Miscellanea

Alstrod is a magus in his 90s who spent his youth in Normandy and Provence, studying the law and defending magi of his House who fell foul of those magi who didn't respect the non-Latin traditions. He finally tired of this and considers himself to have done his duties and seeks a place of quiet. His last big excitement involved a faerie dragon, whom he bested and managed to obtain a large hoard of gold which he has used to fund Orkney covenant.

Radgar ex Miscellanea

Radgar is a wild magus who is about 80 years of age. He has powers over the animals, winds and plants and is generally shunned by polite company due to his failure to maintain cleanliness. He has a long grey beard and thinning hair, and generally wears dirty brown (they may have once been white) robes.

Emma ex Tytalus

The maga Emma is in her seventies and was seeking a place where she could test herself against nature. Her sanctum is plain and practical, with no comforts of any kind. She was raised in the Levant Tribunal where she had a life of luxury and has now forgone all such trappings, considering them a sign of weakness.

She is tall and dark skinned. Much of her body is covered with tattoos of Arabic and Latin text. She goes barefoot and leaves her arms bare, despite the cold.

Draygeld ex Miscellanea

Magus, 58.

Lydia ex Verditius

Maga, 54.

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