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Season Autumn
Founded 941
Magi 10
Aura Magical

Montverte is a formidable Norman keep located on a rocky outcropping in southern Normandy. It controls a local Baron who helps manage the mundane affairs of the covenant. Montverte is one of the five great Lieges of the Normandy Tribunal.

There are four senior magi who are members of the Inner Council, and 6 junior magi.


Thormod ex Flambeau

Thormod is the leader of this covenant. He took over after his mater, Geirlaug ex Flambeau, died during the Long Day. He is calm and collected, and believed to be a Perdo specialist.

Eduardus ex Tytalus

Eduardus was apprenticed under House Jerbiton but joined Tytalus some decades ago. He acts as the covenant's steward, and presents this persona as a façade to his real personality.

Rotgiers de Gerberou ex Tremere

Rotgiers composes himself as a knight, and is a formidable opponent in the Tribunal's Tourney. He is one of the most senior Tremere magi in Normandy,

Runild ex Tremere

She is the youngest member of the inner council. She is a quiet woman, and manages the resources of the covenant.

Eutropia ex Bonisagus

A noted scholar, Eutropia has devoted herself to learning about elemental magic. She has written several well regarded summae on the subject.

Felicitas ex Jerbiton


Jacobus ex Mercere

Gifted Mercere. Magus.

Zosimus ex Tytalus


Viggo ex Flambeau

Magus specialised in Auram magic, especially lightning.

Fleurette ex Verditius

The youngest maga in the covenant, Fleurette is a small, attractive and incredibly patient and forgiving woman.

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