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Season Summer
Founded 1023
Aura Magical
Magi 8
Aegis 30

Bellaquin is a moderate sized, and quite wealthy, covenant in Provencal. Much of its income comes from the fiefdom that it runs, and it has extensive contact with the local nobility, treading a fine line between interference and diplomacy. It is noted for its patronage of the arts, and several minstrels, artists and poets can be found living here at any particular time.


Josias ex Jerbiton

A touch over one hundred years old, Josias is the eldest magus of the covenant and generally considered to be its head. He appears to be in his 40s, and has taken great care over his appearance. His arts of speciality are Corpus, Creo, Intellego and Mentem, and has the gentle gift.

Acca ex Verditius

Acca is a maga with a love of exotic devices. She is almost as old as Josias, though looks much older. She spends her years constructing complex mechanical sculptures which are as much a work of art as they are an example of her Hermetic aptitude. Many are insect-like transportation devices, others devices for serving wine and food or providing automated pleasure.

Juvenalis ex Jerbiton

A magus in his nineties who is fond of the arts, especially those which are divinely inspired. His specialisations are in Imagonem, and excels at making things look grandiose. He has had one filius, Jeremiah, who has since left to found his own covenant at Cruentis Petram. He has the gentle gift.

Isidora ex Verditius

Isidora is a muse, who's beauty inspires artists and poets to perform great works of wonder. She is also an accomplished maga herself, and crafts many items to aid others in creating beauty - magical quills, brushes and tools for example. These items are granted to the artists who dwell at Bellaquin, and are often used to improve the covenant itself. Though she is in her 80s, she looks 50 and still retains the beauty of her youth, and has the gentle gift.

Septima ex Jerbiton

The maga Septima is an artist who uses her Hermetic arts to create beauty in the world. She has mastered Rego and Muto, as well as the elemental forms in order to help her mold the world into whatever image she desires. Her magic has a practical side as well, since she can render most animals or people harmless, making her the go-to maga for defence. She has the gentle gift.

Quaesitor Bricius ex Guernicus

Quaesitor Bricus is forever defending his sodalis from accusations of interference. It is rumoured that he also spends much time performing damage control, for he is a Mentem specialist able to re-write the minds of mundanes with ease. He also has the gentle gift.

Forsta ex Mercere

A gifted Mercere magus who takes a great interest in the goings on in the courts and patrons of Europe. He often accompanies Bricus, and has a similar set of skills.

Sophus ex Jerbiton

A magus with the gentle gift, Sophus is the youngest magus in the covenant. Much like the others, he specialises in sensory stimulation, and is a renowned cook.

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