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Season Summer
Founded 1112
Aura Magical
Magi 7

Bentalone is a covenant close to the Alps in eastern Provence. It has always had a mix of magi from a variety of houses, who are generally quite individual in their pursuits. The covenant is a collection of stone buildings being a fortified wall, heated by hot springs which also serve as a source of magical Vim vis. Bentalone has a reputation for training a lot of apprentices, 9 have passed their gauntlet here since it's founding.


Quaesitor William d'Levin ex Guernicus

William d'Levin is a Quaesitor and the eldest magus of the covenant. He is approaching 90, though looks 50. He has travelled widely, but settled in Bentalone around the turn of the century to train apprentices. He has trained one already, and is starting on a second.

Optimius ex Bonisagus

Magus Optimius ex Bonisagus is almost as old as William d'Levin, and together the two act as unofficial governors of the covenant.

Insidia ex Verditius

Insidia ex Verditius is a 65 year old maga from Iberia.

Cyrielle ex Jerbiton

Cyrielle ex Jerbiton is a 50 year old maga from the Normandy Tribunal. She is an expert with Mentem and Imagonem, and has a tendency to cloak herself in illusions in order to portray artistry and wealth.

Richard ex Tremere

Richard ex Tremere is a magus from Normandy who has a reputation of excelling at Certamen.

Accalia ex Tytalus

Accalia ex Tytalus is an ambitious maga who joined the covenant in 1213. She is both the youngest and newest member of the covenant.

Redcap Reddik Roux ex Mercere

Reddik ex Mercere has been the covenant's redcap for the last 40 years. He is in his 70s now, but a series of good longevity potions have kept his appearance to half that age.

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