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Founded 876
Season Autumn
Aura Magical
Magi 23
Aegis 60

Doisstep is reputed to be the most powerful covenant in the Order, but it is hardly known about outside of the Order. It is located deep in the Pyrenees, near Lacs de Batcrabere, and is a large stone fortress atop a high mountain. The only route to it is via a twisting mountain trail, making it highly defensible.

As well as having a large number of magi, it has over 300 grogs.

It has one of the largest libraries in the Order, if not in all of Europe.


Oxioun ex Tytalus

Leader of the covenant.

Quimrik ex Tytalus

Herot ex Tytalus

Nysakean ex Tytalus

Alarmon ex Tytalus

Charles Van-Huse ex Tytalus

Lupus Mortus ex Flambeau

Tertious ex Flambeau

Michael-Jay the Wolf ex Bjornaer

Misgaeroten ex Tremere

Ladkyis ex Tremere

Yuelgoet ex Tremere

Tintia ex Mercere

Asidnael ex Jerbiton

Norik ex Jerbiton

Vid ex Verditius

Retistius ex Verditius

Alexander DuQuill ex Verditius

Quaesitor Protantus ex Guernicus

Benzigotrin ex Criamon

Crininion IV ex Criamon

Cerebus Facto ex Merinita

Sharissel ex Merinita

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