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Rellantali Covenant

Season Summer
Founded 838
Aura Magical
Magi 8
Aegis 30

The covenant is a fortress on the island of Asinara. Rellantali is a vis poor covenant, having been in conflict with the other covenants of Rome for many years over resources. It is especially at odds with Verdi, though they have not come out well in the conflict.

The magi have a town house in Venice, from which they do business with other magi of the Order. They have not allowed anyone into their island fortress for many years.


Mercatora ex Tytalus

The maga Mercatora is the leader of Rellantali. She is a short tempered magus in her late 70s, who has a violent and aggressive reputation even amongst members of her covenant.

Artur ex Jerbiton

The magus Artur is often the public face of Rellantali covenant. He lives lavishly, and is said to have pretty much given up Hermetic study. However, he is still skilled in Intellego magic, and has a reputation for not having any respect for the privacy of mundanes.

Dareth ex Tytalus

The magus Dareth ex Tytalus is specialised in stealth and intrigue. He is in his fifties, though looks about 30 having started his longevity potion early. He is in charge of the spy network of Rellantali.

Insidiae ex Tremere

A Tremere maga from Transylvania, her name was given to her by her sodalis many years ago and she decided to keep it. She is in her fifties, and is known for her habit of making long complicated plans. She is a sometimes lover of Themis.

Idus ex Flambeau

Idus is an aggressive fire mage thought to be in his 80s. He is aggressive and outspoken, and often has heated arguments with Mercatora. They both have a somewhat abusive relationship with each other.

Marius ex Tremere

Marius considers himself the most sane magus in the covenant. He tries to mediate arguments between the other other members, and his goal is whatever is best for the covenant.

Themis ex Tytalus

The maga Themis ex Tytalus is in her forties, and is a skilled Corpus maga. She can be coldly logical, and has not made many friends, but she is competent and reliable. She has the responsibility for keeping the vis sources of Rellantali safe. She is a sometimes lover of Insidiae.

Katherina ex Bonisagus

The maga Katherina joined Rellantali in 1224, after she was promised the chance to work on a big new discovery that Rellantali had made. Little information has been released since, though whether others in House Bonisagus know is not known. She was originally of Seuthopolis in Transylvania. She is in her 60s, though has the appearance of being 40.

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