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Cad Gadu

The covenant of Cad Gadu has not always been a Hermetic Covenant, for it was originally a gathering place for a covern of pagan magicians many centuries before the Order of Hermes was even founded. In 1168, Immanola came here with several followers, and joined Lania who was living here with various other non-Hermetic magi.

Immanola hoped to prepare for the fall of the Order, and brought many supplies of vis, books and magic items in order to survive the coming events. She spoke of a return of the Old Gods out of the south who would bring with them a new form of magic which would either propel the Order to even greater power, or destroy it.

For many years nothing happened, and many of the resources were squandered. Then, in 1216, the Long Day happened and much of the covenant vanished into the Magical regio in which it was built. Immanola went with it.

The covenant is a huge sprawling mansion made of living wood on an island in a lake in northern Wales. Over the centuries the Druids who dwelt here used their own powers to grow trees such that they entwined into a solid embrace, forming walls, ceilings and floors. After Hermetic traditions began to be learnt in England, many followers of Merinita, Bjornear and later Diedne came to live here.

Over half the Covenant vanished when the regio shifted, most of it being the Sanctums of the more powerful magi. The common areas, such as libraries and council chambers were all outside the regio.

In the Autumn of 1224, a number of magi from the East joined Cad Gadu. It is not yet known what their intentions are, but combined they represent a powerful group.

The symbol of the covenant is a three magi sheltered by a tree. It is an Autumn covenant, and has a +4 magical aura.


Primus Oberon ex Miscellanea

Oberon is a necromancer from the Novgorod Tribunal, who joined Cad Gadu in 1224. He is an old magus, and highly respected in Novgorod for his abilities, both Hermetic and political. He has brought with him several other magi from eastern Tribunals, and has plans for rebuilding Cad Gadu into a powerful covenant.

Oleg ex Miscellanea

A mage in his 40s from Novgorod.

Ilya ex Miscellanea

A maga in her 40s, she is from the Novgorod Tribunal.

Jochen ex Miscellanea

A mage in his 50s, he comes form the Rhine Tribunal.

Ishild ex Miscellanea

A powerful maga in her 80s, Ishild is specialised in Ice magic. She comes from the Rhine Tribunal.

Ebroin ex Miscellanea

After the death of Immanola, Ebroin became the Primus of the House, and also the head of Cad Gadu. He was the youngest Primus of any House, but was replaced in 1224 by Oberon. He got the position partly through no-one else wanting it, and having been outspoken about Immanola's failings for the last few years. He was heavily supported by Blackthorn in his bid to be Primus.

Delriana ex Miscellanea

A specialist in mentem magics who has the Gentle Gift. She spends much of her time amongst mundanes. She lost her Sanctum when the regio shifted, but was away from the covenant at the time so was not herself harmed.

Rock ex Miscellanea

Unimaginative and direct, he chose his name for his affinity with Terram magics. Though young, he is close to final Twilight.

Findabair ex Miscellanea

Findabair is a young maga, both in age and in emotional maturity. She will happily complain to anyone who will listen about the poor state of the Covenant, but is too self centred to want to do anything about it. She is incredibly beautiful, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfect figure. She normally dresses to seduce, seeking physical pleasures of all kinds wherever she can get them.

Paul ex Miscellanea

Paul is a mage in his thirties, specialised in Intellego and Mentem. He is also one of the Donatores Requietis Aeternae, and seeks out the spirits of the restless dead. He joined the covenant late in 1223.

Falgia ex Miscellanea

Recently arrived from Caefloron covenant in Hibernia. She is a student of nature magic.

Berchan ex Miscellanea

Recently arrived from Caefloron covenant in Hibernia. He is a shape changer.

Orlaith ex Bjornaer

Recently arrived from Circulus Ruber in Hibernia. The youngest maga in the covenant, she was gauntleted only in 1200. Her heart beast is that of a wolf.

Redcap Aebh ex Mercere

Recently arrived from Circulus Ruber in Hibernia. A gifted Redcap, Aebh is in his early forties, and well known amongst the magi of the Tribunal.

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