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Mercer House

Season Summer
Aura Magical

Located near to Coventry, Mercer House is used as a base by the Redcaps of Stonehenge. Recently, it saw an influx of non-Redcap magi from Hibernia.


Peter the Bard ex Mercere

A 35 year old redcap who poses as a storyteller and musician on his travels. He also has a reputation of having a woman in every town, and there are a few places where he is no longer welcome. He mostly travels between Normandy Tribunal and Stonehenge Tribunal, carrying messages back to the centre of the Order.

Alfred of Gloucester ex Mercere

Alfred is a wealthy gentlemen who has many contacts amongst the nobility and merchant classes. He uses this as an excuse to travel southern England and Wales, delivering messages between the covenants and passing on information on mundane gossip. He regularly winters in Blackthorn, and is one of the few non-residents to be welcomed there.

Heward Longstrider ex Mercere

Heward is a tall man with a reputation for speed. He spends the summer and autumn in Stonehenge, mostly around the southern covenants, then moves down to Normandy in Winter and Spring.

Sachsenross ex Mercere

Sachsenross is a Redcap shapechanger, whose favoured form is that of a horse. He travels most of England, Wales and Scotland, though avoids Blackthorn due to a disagreement with the magi there.

Joan of Leeds ex Mercere

Joan is a female Redcap, though travels under the name of John of Leeds, using mundane disguise and some magical devices to appear as a man. She travels the Northern extremities of the Order, including Scotland, England and even Norway, bringing back news from beyond the Order's boundaries.

Sephini ex Jerbiton

She came here from Elk's Run in Hibernia. She was used to the luxuries of her old covenant, but is keen to see what she can do to turn Mercer House into a proper covenant. Though 80, she works closely with the younger magi of the covenant, rather than considering them the pests a lot of magi her age do. She recently had to give up her apprentice to Echen of Circulus Ruber, a fact which has left her bitter.

Quaesitor Amarki ex Guernicus

He came here from Elk's Run in Hibernia. He was full of high ideas and brash plans for making sweeping changes to the Tribunal, he firmly believes that magi should accept the status quo in mundane society, and was firmly against the aggresive anti-Norman actions of Lombard Covenant. In public though, he is easily manipulated, and can't think quickly enough to counter the arguments of Quaesitor Bantine. He was born in 1146.

Redcap Davric ex Mercere

He came here from Elk's Run in Hibernia. Davric is an ungifted Redcap skilled in logistics.

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