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Season Spring
Founded 1201
Aura Magical
Magi 6
Aegis 20

Nigrasaxa Covenant is located in Suffolk, in the Stonehenge. It was founded in 1201 by Maximianus, together with the two younger magi Ariel and Caltis. Over the last ten years, Maximianus has started to take a back seat from running the covenant, leaving it to his two younger Sodalis to manage its affairs.


Maximianus ex Bonisagus

An elderly magus who came to Stonehenge from Provence in search of information on certain types of undead. He didn't find the information he sought, but instead founded a new covenant. Originally it was meant as a base of operations, but he decided he liked the area and so stayed.

Ariel ex Flambeau

Ariel is a fire maga, specialised in using her magic against magical creatures. In her fifties, she is an experienced maga with a reputation for keeping a cool head and thinking rationally. Since Maximianus stepped down from the running of the covenant, she has become its head.

Caltis ex Tremere

Caltis is specialised in destruction. Soon after the founding of the covenant, it was threatened by infernal influences, and Caltis became something of an expert in hunting and destroying Demons. He has written several books on the subject, for which he has a good reputation.

He is a similar age to Ariel, and helps her in the running of the covenant.

Herritia ex Tytalus

Herritia is a Tytalus maga, specialised in physical combat - both magical and mundane. She is an accomplished swordswoman, and isn't above using her Hermetic arts to aid her in combat, making her almost invincible against mundane foes.

Morlen ex Tremere

The filius of Caltis, Morlen has recently passed his gauntlet. Like his master, he is a specialist in destruction and demon hunting.

Siffed ex Miscellanea

Siffed is one of the Donatores Requietis Aeternae, a group of religious magi who seek to ensure that the souls of the dead pass properly to the afterlife. She is poor at Hermetic magic, but is a member of the Order and was recruited by Caltis to help him in some of his research.

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