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Schola Pythagoranis

Season Summer
Founded 1182
Magi 4
Aura None
Aegis 30

Schola Pythagoranis entered Summer in 1209 after the closure of Oxford University. It is associated with the new university at Cambridge, and is actually within the university grounds. It freely shares academic knowledge on non-Hermetic matters with scholars at the university. Unlike most other covenants, it is not located in an aura of any kind.

Originally, the head of the covenant was Edward of Milton, a Jerbiton magus who was said to be one of the greatest teachers in the Order (and definitely the greatest in Stonehenge), of both Hermetic and Academic knowledge. He was also an exorcist, on good relations with the Church, and a specialist in Mentem. He was well over a 100 years old in 1216 during long day, and didn't survive when his longevity potion failed him.

Since then, Astrolabe has become the defacto head of the covenant, though it really runs as a sort of anarchic democracy.


Astrolabe ex Jerbiton

He is a brilliant scholar, though devotes his study to philosophy so his arcane arts aren't as great as other magi of his experience. Generally, he is rather unkempt and about 70 years old.

Lumen ex Jerbiton

Lumen is an enthusiastic maga and a bibliophile. She has a great interest in building up the covenant's library - both mundane and arcane - and is happy to copy out books herself. She carries on a dialogue with many magi across the Order, sharing knowledge reasonably freely. She is in her late 40s, and lived at Oxford University as an independant maga until that was closed.

Quaesitor Fredegisa ex Guernicus

She is a reforming idealist, interested in rewriting Hermetic Law. She joined Schola Pythagoranis because she saw Stonehenge as a place that was more likely to be receptive to new ideas, and also as a place that required a guiding hand to bring it closer to the Latin roots of the Order. In her seventies, she is dark haired, tall and attractive in a severe sort of way.

In 1226 she started training a new apprentice, a young boy.

Amabel the Learned, ex Miscellanea

She is a natural magician who works closely with Astrolabe.

Johannes ex Jerbiton

A magus from Iberia, in his 40s. He is very handsome, and is a skilled painter. He is known for his magical paintings that seem to move as you look at them. He joined the covenant along with Glorianna in the spring of 1226.

Glorianna ex Jerbiton

A maga from Iberia, Glorianna is a dark haired maga in her 30s. She is a Terram specialist, who uses her magic to aid in the construction of grand architecture. She joined in the spring of 1226.

Padern ex Bonisagus

Recently arrived from Caefloron covenant in Hibernia. He is known for his studies into Faerie magic.


The covenant not only has a good quality library, but also has access to the mundane library at Cambridge University.

Hermetic Books

  • Generationem Spontaneam (Summa, Quality 13, Creo 16).
  • Puritatem Scientia (Summa, Quality 13, Intellego 15).
  • Mutationes Forma (Summa, Quality 8, Muto 16).
  • Ferens Finem ad Omnia (Summa, Quality 6, Perdo 18).
  • Subtilis Imperium Arcanorum Potestatem (Summa, Quality 11, Rego 13).
  • Translucens Aquas, (Summa, Quality 9, Aquam 8).
  • Procellis Caeli, (Summa, Quality 7, Auram 10).
  • Corpus Carnis, (Summa, Quality 8, Corpus 9).
  • Augmentum Plantae et Herbam, (Summa, Quality 7, Herbam 12).
  • Speculis Illusio, (Summa, Quality 9, Imagonem 14).
  • Mentis et Spiritus, (Summa, Quality 10, Mentem 14).
  • Aeternam Potestatem, (Summa, Quality 8, Vim 12).
  • Ignis et Glacies, (Tractatus, Quality 9, Ignem).
  • Oculos de Praeterito, (Tractatus, Quality 8, Intellego).
  • Aquiloni, (Tractatus, Quality 8, Auram).
  • Secreta de non Visis, (Tractatus, Quality 9, Intellego).
  • Verba Potentia, (Tractatus, Quality 6, Vim).
  • Sexus Magicae, (Tractatus, Quality 7, Mentum).
  • Vivacitas, (Tractatus, Quality 6, Corpus).
  • Terreni Jucundum, (Tractatus, Quality 6, Terram).

Academic Books

  • Spiritibus Silvestris, (Summa, Quality 11, Magic Lore 3).
  • Ritualia Mercurius, (Summa, Quality 12, Magic Theory 4).
  • Cur et Quomodo, (Tractatus, Quality 6, Philosophae).
  • Angulis Obtusis, (Tractatus, Quality 5, Artes Liberales).
  • Angulis Acutis, (Tractatus, Quality 5, Artes Liberales).
  • Fallaciis Logica, (Summa, Quality 12, Artes Liberales 7).
  • Naturalis Philo, (Summa, Quality 11, Philosophae 5).
  • Signa Dei, (Summa, Quality 14, Divine Lore 4).
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