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Ungulus Covenant

Status Autumn
Founded 1065
Aura Magical
Magi 4
Aegis 50

Located in the Lake District in northern England, within a great stone tower, Ungulus Covenant is incredibly magical in nature. Its creator (for Ungulus was grown from the mountain on which it resides) was Meleri, an elemental magus who also had a great affinity with spirits - the guards of the covenant are still the spirit servants she summoned to aid her originally.

Magic is used extensively throughout the covenant, and even the grogs are touched by its presence. Once, the whole covenant was brightly lit by magical crystals and glowing walls. Some of these have been restored in the last few years after they all failed, but some parts of the covenant are still in darkness, lit only by torches or candlelight. Tapestries, silks and gems still decorate the place.

The high magical aura makes magical study here easy, but its side effects means that not all the effects here are entirely predictable, or desired. Aeron and Sinead are both possibly slightly mad, and even Sawel is showing signs of it. However, they keep to themselves, and try to discourage guests whenever possible.

Founded in 1065 AD, it is a Winter covenant. It exists in a +6 magical aura. It's symbol is an empty circle.

In 1231, it was repopulated by magi from Hibernia, mostly World's End.


Agustin ex Bonisagus

The head of the covenant, and an expert astrologer. He has written many treatise on the movements of the stars and planets, as well as their relationship to Hermetic magic.

Vitus ex Bonisagus

Filius of Agustin, Vitus is in his 30s.

Quaesitor Albina ex Guernicus

The maga Albina is a Quaesitor with an interest in what lays beyond the western shores of Europe. She is 40.

Delmar ex Verditius

Delmar builds many of the items needed by Agustin. Much of the covenant's resources go into funding his research.

Justine ex Miscellanea

A maga with skills in water magic. She shares similar interested to Albina, and is of a similar age and experience.

Redcap Octavius ex Mercere

An ungifted Redcap, he is in his 30s.

Redcap Quinton ex Mercere

An ungifted Redcap, he is in his 50s. He is renowned for his ability at accurately recording astrological observations, and travels all over Europe in order to bring the covenant any data it needs.

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