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Status Summer
Founded 1198
Aura Magical
Magi 5
Aegis 45

Voluntas covenant was founded at the end of the 12th century by the three magi Julia ex Jerbiton, Phessallia ex Merinita and Desiderius ex Verditius. Both Julia and Desiderius are from the continent, and had very different ideas as to how a covenant should be organised compared to many magi of the Stonehenge Tribunal. Phessallia was filia of Ainya ex Merinita of Blackthorn.

The covenant was attacked in 1228, and many of the magi went missing and much of the covenant burnt. Adric ex Bonisagus has taken over as pater familias, but there is not much left of the old manor house and many of the covenfolk have fled. How much longer the covenant will last remains to be seen.


Adric ex Bonisagus

A magus of House Bonisagus, Adric has stepped up to take over the running of the covenant. He was formally a very bookish magus, so it remains to be seen how he will cope.

Corva ex Bjornaer

Filia of Corvus, Corva's heart beast is of a white dove. She is a young maga, barely twenty, who finished her apprenticeship in 1220. She is a kinder, gentler person than her master, but cared for him greatly. She had a reputation of being unclothed when in human form, but since her death in 1227 she has taken to wearing dark grey robes to hide her scars.

She is a member of clan Wilkis. She is a Harmonist, and much like her parens did, she dislikes mundanes for their prejudices and urban ways, but believes that the Order must work with them if they are to survive and thrive.


In 1207, Julia ex Jerbiton went missing whilst away from the covenant. Foul play was assumed, but the details are unknown, at least to those outside the covenant. She was an attractive woman, highly skilled in diplomacy and mentem magics, and possessing the Gentle Gift.

In 1216, Desiderius ex Verditius died during the Long Day when his longevity potion failed him. He was a necromancer, and always stank of rotting flesh.

In 1222, Corvus ex Bjornaer died.

In 1228, an infernal attack on the covenant left Phessallia ex Merinita, Kirist ex Flambeau and Wayland ex Verditius missing, presumed dead.

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