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Oikos tou Eleous

Season Autumn
Founded 1185
Magi 4
Aura Infernal

Located in a number of buildings within the city of Thessaloniki, Oikos tou Eleous was a holy covenant inhabited by 'nuns' of House Jerbiton. It used to reside within a Divine aura, and had been setup to combat the Infernal influence which arose after Thessaloniki was sacked by the Sicilians in 1185.

Since the collapse of the Divine aura though, the Infernal as re-asserted itself within the city, and the magi are doing all they can to protect the citizens.


Anna Psellus ex Jerbiton

Theocharista Psellus ex Jerbiton

Nereida ex Miscellanea

Nonna ex Miscellanea

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