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Stargrunt Flight Stands

Stargrunt uses both 25mm and 15mm scales (officially, since some people do use 6mm), and since my collection of SF figures is all 25mm, that's what I'm continuing to collect and use for Stargrunt.

However, 25mm vehicles are quite large. When they're made of resin, they're also rather heavy, so mounting airbourne vehicles on suitable flight basis requires some DIY skills which I'm not well known for. However, some examples of my attempt are shown below.

They haven't been used in a game yet, however tests have enabled them to stay upright for several hours with the models attached.


flight_01.jpg - flight_02.jpg - flight_03.jpg - flight_04.jpg -

There are two heights of stands im use, full-height 24mm rods and half-height 12mm rods. I think the lower height would be better if 8mm were used instead.


The stands consist of 80mm wide aluminium base, with a 60mm Games Workshop round flight stand glued to it (these seem to be almost impossible to get hold of now however, since GW have stopped selling them).

The standard GW flight stand is glued into the base, then cut down to a 5mm stub. Milliput is then used to make a thick stub, to hold an 8mm by 30mm brass tube.

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