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Heavy Weapons

Details vehicle mounted weapons. The rules in Stargrunt are a bit simplistic. Any vehicle weapon fired at infantry gets Quality + FC firepower, and does d8 impact (from shrapnel).

Direct Fire Against Infantry

When fired against infantry, none of these weapons get the FC of the vehicle. Generally, they will get a crew quality die, plus one or more firepower dice. Where SDx is given for firepower, the weapon gets a number of dice of type x equal to the weapon's size. So a Size 2 GAC would get a quality die plus 2D12 (not 1D12 x 2).

Weapon Type Sizes Firepower Impact
RFAC 1-2 Q + 2D10 D10 x S
GAC 1-2 Q + 2D12 D12 x S
MDC 3-5 Q + 2D10 D12 x 2
HVC 3-5 Q + D6 D10
HKP 3-5 Q D8
HEL (1-2) 1-2 Q + SD10 D8
HEL (3+) 3-5 Q + SD6 D8
DFFG (1-5) 1-5 Q 2D12
SLAM 3-5 Q D12

If infantry targets are within 6“, then vehicle weapons of size 3+ will only get their quality die for fire power due to the difficulty in targeting the enemy. If enemy infantry are in contact with the vehicle, then only APSW and AFDC can be used against them.

SLAM counts as artillery fire, with a burst radius of 1” per size class. If quality success against range die, hits the designated point, otherwise deviates in random direction by distance on range die. DFFG counts as same, but radius is half size.

The HEL is assumed to be firing in anti-infantry mode (lots of low power shots). Treat as an HKP if it isn't. Note that the HEL has two entries, one for small HELs and the 2nd for large HELs.

As it stands, the GAC and RFAC are about the best anti-infantry heavy weapons. They're limited to Size 2 however (against infantry, the size of both weapons is irrelevant - both over penetrate anyway).


If enemy troops move within 6“ of the vehicle, roll d8 against quality of the troops. If exceeds, a random one takes d8 Impact. If multiple ADFCs, then roll for each one. Fires once per squad per turn.

If IAVR are fired against the vehicle, reduce Impact of IAVR fire by one level.

Capacity: 1


When rolling ECM, get to roll a secondary die (D6, D8 or D10) for the quality of the PDS if the vehicle also has PDS.

PDS Quality Capacity
Basic 2
Enhanced 3
Superior 4

Local Air Defence

Capacity: 2

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