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Sag Mekilure

Based out of Tobia (Tobia Subsector/ Tobia / 3215), Witness to Truth as the company is known in Anglic, specialises in the investigation of insurance fraud. They get paid large sums of money to dig up dirt on those making large insurance claims, or sometimes to aid in civil lawsuits between other mega-corporations.

They generally hire outside contractors to do this work, and are known to be generous in the rewards if sufficient evidence is found (a typical job will pay out millions of credits to such contractors). They aren’t too concerned about the techniques used to gain the information, though officially operate entirely within the law. It’s said that they use external contractors to provide themselves with full deniability.

The firm was started in 1067 by a group of detectives who realised that large insurance companies were willing to pay out significantly larger sums than they were getting from their day jobs hunting down “normal” criminals. They have a number of branch offices in class A starports in Trojan Reach and the Spinward Marches.

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