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Services de Formation Ecoris

This is a company based out of Joyeuse (Old Islands Subsector / Reft / 1729), and which is found across the Islands. There are even a couple of offices at Cerebin and Tobia.

It is known as Ecoris Training Services, and provides personal training in firearms, self defence and anti-kidnapping techniques. They are often hired by rich businessmen, successful film and pop stars, or sometimes just those with an advanced sense of paranoia. They are also known to run cut-down training sessions as “team building” exercises for large companies.

They are mostly found across the New Islands and Old Islands Subsectors in the Reft, but since 1101 have opened two new offices at Cerebin and Tobia where they are also offering physical penetration testing for clients.

Though it has never been proven, there is a rumour that the organisation has links to Joyeuse intelligence, and some even claim that it is little more than a front for this operation. Indeed, the sort of training that the company provides is very useful for spies and other secret agents, and provides them with an excuse for carrying stocks of electronic surveillance and anti-surveillance tools, as well as giving them access to a lot of important people.

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