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Colchis 2026

Star Ports

High Port

High Port is main trading hub, a ring shaped station with artificial gravity about 500m across. Gardens and population (about 50,000) around the outer edge. Ships dock on the outside.

Down Port

Sprawling port city with a population of about 200,000. Good transport links with the capital 20km away, which has a population of 3 million. Lots of good quality hotels and entertainment establishments.

Lots of people from different nations here.

Sochi City

Class G spaceport.

Sochi City is on Sochi 2, the 2nd moon of the gas giant Sochi, it has a population of 35,000. The moon is about 5,000km in diameter, with a rock/ice surface and subsurface oceans. It is mostly grey/white, with blue/white on the glacial plains which are relatively recent. It is tidally locked to the main world.

The city is built into a 1km wide crater just north of the equator, and has a glorious view of the rings. Several domed landing bays, connected by tunnels with tall towers sealed against the vacuum. The towers are several hundred metres tall, and very thin - the low gravity makes that possible - with twisting outer tubes where the not so poor live.


Saborian Hotel

A middle-class hotel just off the docking bays.

Ardhaerun Degh

A Vargr hostel.


Jacquard Rubin

Runs smuggling operation here, especially with Acadie 2225.

Rebecca Lewellan

Unofficially works for Jacquard, officially works in customs.

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