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Cyclone 2930

Cyclone is a world mostly covered with water, with the majority of its land mass being on the northern pole. The bulk of its small population however can be found on the two equatorial island continents, where they have small fishing villages supported by high technology. The atmosphere is tainted with toxic spores and requires a full face mask.

Eu Gaian world (wiki) (map)
Diameter: 8,000km (density 5.3)
Gravity: 60%
Day Length: 25h 12m
Orbit: 140MKm (II)
Atmosphere: Dense, Tainted (145%)
Hydrographics: 90%

Port/TL: B/9
Population: 2 thousand
Government: Representative Democracy
Law Level: 7 (Shotguns prohibited)
Language: Anglic


G9 V Primary, with a M1 V dwarf at 1,900 AU.

G9 V Alpha

Orbit Distance Type Description
I 45Mkm Hermian Hot, barren world.
II 140Mkm EuGaian Cyclone, main world.
III 2AU Cerean 1,200km
IV 3AU Cerean 1,400km
V 7AU Khonsonian Ammonia clouds.
VI 15AU Neptunian Methane atmosphere
VII 25AU Stygian 2,800km

M1 V Beta

Orbit Distance Type Description
I 40Mkm Poseidonic Jovian with large amounts of water vapour
II 3AU SuperJovic Massive jovian world beyond the snow line


Berthing Fees: 1,500Cr/week

Cyclone is on the edge of the Imperium, the main gateway across the Rift via the Islands. There is an orbital high port, as well as an extensive downport on the main island of Equatora. It is a lush tropical island of rain forests and low laying mountains. The downport itself is spread out across high platforms amongst the treetops, given the whole place a natural, jungle feel to it. Docking bays, workshops and industrial areas are out of sight beneath the canopies, leaving a pleasant open air view for visitors.

Once you land though, the reality is a bit less pleasant, since the dense air is full of fungal spores which are toxic for most non-native species to breathe. Full face masks are necessary, though most buildings are sealed against the outside atmosphere and joined with sealed walkways.

Most buildings are glass exteriors to allow a view over the forest canopies, so you at least get the feel of being in the open air even if going outside is likely to kill you. Internal pressure is kept at 150% standard to ensure leaks don't allow the external atmosphere in.

The starport has a high population than the native population, which is only a couple of thousand. They can be found along the coastlines, living in floating sealed bubbles and making an income fishing the local waters.

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