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Braudel 1608

This is a Red Zone world, and landing here is forbidden since it is considered dangerous. There is a gas giant, and also an Oort Cloud which is sometimes used for refuelling.

Mix of deserts and lichen ‘forests’, strange tendrils several metres tall. Can become brittle when they get dry.

Population of 900 people (estimated), with TL 5. Basically a few small colonies on the islands of Lake Eba. There are other hominids on Braudel, but they are not considered human - though they do seem to have been descended from Vilani. Called ‘Zombies’, they roam the mainland, scrubbing for water and food. Considered mindless, their minds are infected by a parasite that infects them in the womb.

Don’t seem to have speech, but sometimes form into mobs that try to swim out to the islands. They generally die. Total population of the zombies are in the hundreds of millions. They are the largest land animal life on the planet.

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