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Spacecraft Options

Some updated/modified/expanded options for starships for Mongoose 2nd.


What does a bridge actually do? As well as a place for the captain to sit, they provide some free operator positions which may be used for either sensor operators or gunners.

Size of ship Size of Bridge Operators
50 tons or less 3 tons -
51-99 tons 6 tons -
100-200 tons 10 tons -
201-1,000 tons 20 tons 1
1,001-2,000 tons 40 tons 2
2,000 tons + 60 tons 4

Positions must be designated as gunnery or sensor operator at time of design, but by default they are sensor operator positions.

Fuel Processors

TL t/Day Power Cost
9 20 1 Cr50K
11 30 2 Cr100K
13 50 4 Cr150K
15 80 8 Cr200K

Fuel Scoops

Fuel scoops collect 10% of the ship's total mass in tons of unrefined fuel per 'pass'.

Gas Giants

It is a Dex + Pilot check of 10+ to obtain 10% of the ship's mass in fuel, which takes 1d6 hours. Staying higher in the atmosphere makes it safer at the expense of taking longer (DM+2 but takes 1d6x4 hours, or DM+4 at 1d6x10 hours etc).

Each positive point of effect provides a bonus 5% of fuel gained in that attempt.

Failure can be dangerous.

  • 8-9: Only 5% of ship mass in fuel is scooped.
  • 6-7: No useful fuel is obtained.
  • -5: Loose control

On loosing control, the ship begins to descend further into the atmosphere. Roll again, on an 8+ the pilot manages to regain control. On less than 6, the ship takes 1d6 damage per point below 6. Keep on rolling until you get 8+. You get to keep the DM used for the initial roll. A fully streamlined ship gains +1.

If the ship is 1000t or more, damage is x3, if 10,000t or more x10, if 100,000t or more, x30. Armour comes off the damage before the multiplier.

Pumping Water

To pump water from a nearby fresh water source requires INT + Mechanic 6+, takes 1d6 hours to set up all the hoses correctly. If salt water, than -2 DM to the check. On failure, can opt to risk impurities in the fuel which will give DM to jump check for each point of effect, or can simply try again.

Once connected, gain 5% of ship mass in fuel each hour.

It takes an hour to disconnect the pumps (or a minute to leave them behind).

Processing can start once pumping is complete.

Pumping Water Ice

Similar to water, but difficulty and rate of refuelling depends on the temperature.

Temperature INT + Mechanics Fuel Rate
200K+ 10+ 5%/2 hours
100K+ 12+ 5%/3 hours
< 100K 14+ 5%/4 hours

Advanced Technology

Reduced crew requirements needs an advantage. It is one advantage to reduce the crew required by a system by two thirds. This normally only applies to drives and power plants.

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