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The material on this site is owned by Samuel Penn, and any queries should be directed there. Most of the material on this site is licensed under CC-BY-SA.


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Spanning tens of thousands of star systems, the Imperium of humanity is a vast and complex web of politics, trade and military might all of which is defined by the physics of jump travel. There is no FTL communication except by sending a courier, and even the fastest couriers are limited to 6 parsecs/week.

The Traveller described here isn't entirely canon, and there are some changes to the way things work in order to better fit the type of background I want. Mostly the contents are based on GURPS Traveller, which itself is based on Classic Traveller. However, recently I've started running some Mongoose Traveller, and my notes for these sessions are available on the blog or in the campaign section.

Golden Age

My Golden Age resources are designed for the 3rd Imperium, circa 1105, primarily based around Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition.

Golden Age


The main Traveller project is to map all the worlds of the Imperium and surrounding systems. By map the worlds I mean provide surface maps and descriptions for the planets and moons of each star system. I'm estimating that this will be in the order of a million planets.

More details on the mapping project are available at WorldGen. If you want to see some very early work I did see the Celestia Gallery or the Planetary Classification page.


Some of the more generic changes are to do with technology and space combat. The former because I prefer to delay some of the more 'magical' aspects of Traveller technology, the latter because I wanted a more action oriented take on space combat.


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