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Mapping the Imperium

The aim of the Third Imperium Mapping Project is to map all the worlds of the Traveller campaign setting. This is not limited to placing stars on a star map, but includes generating unique individual surface maps for every world in every system.

This is actually really easy to do. The hard part is ensuring quality. However, the goal is for quantity over quality. World maps won't be the best ever generated, but the aim is to make them 'good enough'.

Since this is still a work in progress, the general plan is as follows:

  • Import Traveller star system data.
  • Generate full planetary systems for each system.
  • Create text descriptions of each world and the society upon it.
  • Generate maps for each world.
  • Export maps into a 3D modelling tool such as Celestia.
  • Generate resources and trade information for each world.
  • Simulate the entire Imperium economy. In real time.

The last couple of points are later additions where the scope was expanded. A lot of the most recent work has been here, which has greatly slowed development.

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