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Dove (75dT)

Low gravity lander and orbital transport.

Displacement: 75dT
Dry Mass: 20t (Weak Hull)
Wet Mass: 148t
Total Thrust: 8,000 (5.2)
Deltavee: 10.4 km/s

Full Cargo: 80t
Loaded Dry Mass: 100t
Loaded Wet Mass: 228t
Loaded Deltavee: 4.3 km/s


Crew: 14dT
Engines: 4dT (4)
Fuel: 32dT (128 tonnes)
Cargo: 25dT

Dry Mass: 20t (weak hull, so x.75)

  • 14t (crew) + 8t (engines) + 2.5t (cargo) + 3.2t (fuel)
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