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Weapons technology is often one of the drivers of research and advancement.

Weapons by TL

TL 9

The principle direct fire weapons are chainguns, railguns and lasers.

Missiles are commonly used for long range engagement, either kinetic kill, fragmentation (rare) or nuclear.

Nuclear Howitzers are basically big cannons that fire nuclear bombs. Cheaper than missiles and harder to stop, but shorter range.

TL 10

Lasers become more prevalent, and particle beam weapons start to be used. Shorter range than lasers, but deliver a stronger punch.

TL 11

Xaser weapons are more powerful versions of lasers, but a lot more expensive.

TL 12

Anti-matter particle beams. Very long density.

Plasma cannons are introduced.

Meson cannons, fires pulse of mesons.

TL 13

Meson beams.

Repulsors/tractor beams for point defence.

Nuclear dampers?

TL 14

Grasers, more powerful versions of lasers.

Fusion Cannons, hotter longer range plasma cannons.

TL 15

Plasma beams.

TL 16


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