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Traveller WorldGen

WorldGen is a project that started back around 2004, and began as an attempt to get Traveller UWP data into Celestia. The original idea was to produce a unique (random) world map for every world in the Traveller universe. Since that time, it has gone through several iterations.

There were several versions of it over a course of about ten years, re-writing bits of the backend technology and working towards a goal of simulating the economics and trade of the Imperium, by modelling the movement of individual ships and the purchase and selling of goods.

There was then several years where it was left untouched, but in 2017 there was an attempt to re-start it, by re-writing it almost entirely from scratch. This time the focus has been less on the UWP parsing, and more on the world generation.

There is a current development version running on a development server, but that is not guaranteed to be stable, nor to have a stable set of data. The source code is available at GitLab, under a BSD style license.

The primary source of documentation on WorldGen is available on its wiki.

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