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WorldGen is a web server application for generating and displaying information on a galactic empire, for user in science fiction roleplaying games.

Technology Stack

WorldGen is mostly written in Java 8, running on top of Spark, and using Bootstrap, JQuery and three.js for the front end.

As well as web pages, data is accessible via REST APIs which provide data in JSON format.


WorldGen is an opensource (BSD) application. The source is available on GitLab, and released under a BSD license.


This version of WorldGen is based on a previous version available on GitHub. This is a complete re-write using a new technology stack, though some classes have been copied across.


The road map is geared towards focusing development into certain areas. They shouldn't be seen as releases as such, but more as “what's being worked on during this phase”.

Release Status Description
Atomic Apocalypse Complete Working display of galaxy and systems. Basic world types.
Baryonic Blast WIP Basic support for civilisations.
Carbon Cataclysm Planning Economy
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