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Traveller Background Notes

In the conversion of Traveller to Yags, some changes have been made. This is partially due to inability to find details on certain things, and partially because I don't like other parts of the Traveller background.


The technology levels have been moved to be inline to those used in GURPS Traveller. Cutting edge Imperium tech is TL12, and begins from the year 1000 or so.

TL11 dates from 500 to 1000, and is the highest for most worlds. TL11 technology is freely available throughout the Imperium.

TL10 is the period from the founding of the 3rd Imperium.

Grav Tech

Contra-grav technology has been greatly limited, to keep contra-grav vehicles close to the ground. Tanks can no longer reach orbit - a few kilometers maybe, but no more than that. Only specially designed air speeders can reach orbital altitudes using contra-grav.

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