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Origins of the Order

The origins of the order go back almost a thousand years, to the times just before the Invoked Devastation, and the Baklunish - Suloise Wars.

At that time, the Bakluni magi were organised into what was known as the Cult of Mercury, which used ritualistic magic somewhat different to that practised today.

During their initial colonisation of Oerik, there was much trading of ideas regarding the use of magic between the Bakluni and the Oeridian druids. All this came to an end though with the outbreak of the Wars with the Suloise.

Eventually, the Cult of Mercury was destroyed during the Invoked Devastation and the Rain of Colourless Fire. The few that were left went to ground amongst the Oeridian peoples.

Some decades following the dramatic ending of the Wars, several magi got together to work out a new form of magic, which drew from all magical styles, both Baklunish and Oeridian, and to a lesser extent, Suloise.

Eventually, the Order of Hermes was founded, principally by those wishing to bring order to the regions now known as Aerdy. When the Great Kingdom was formed, the Order of Hermes was its backbone, and ever since then, Rauxes has been the home of the Order.

Timeline of the Order

All years are measured according to the Common Year (CY).

-484: Beginning of the Baklunish/Suloise Wars.

-422: The Rain of Colourless Fire and the Invoked Devastation mark the end of the Baklunish/Suloise Wars, and also the end of the Cult of Mercury.

-243: Order of Hermes founded.

-217: The Order aids in the founding of the Kingdom of Aerdy, based at Rauxes.

1: Overking crowned in Rauxes.

393: Guild of Wizardry founded in the City of Greyhawk.

421: The Schism War. House Deidne is wiped out by the Houses Quaesitoris and Flambeau. It is said that a few members of the Deidne survive by fleeing to the Lands of Iuz.

446: His Excellency Ivid I ascends the Malachite Throne, aided by the influence of House Tremere. It is also around this time that rumours of diabolic studies by House Quaesitor begin.

463: House Bjornear, Merinita and Jerbiton bring charges against House Guernicus, accusing them of being corrupted by diabolism. The Primus of all three Houses are slain, and House Flambeau goes on a rampage versus magi of all three Houses. By the end of the year, few members of any of these Houses remain with the Kingdom of Aerdy.

465: House Guernicus opnely supports Ivid II, including his allegiance with the Infernal. The Cleansing takes place within Houses Guernicus, Tremere and Flambeau with magi of those Houses not willing to ally with the Infernal being removed from the Order. House Mercere is disbanded, on the grounds that is is far more efficient to use daemonic spirits as messengers than mortals. Many other magi leave Aerdy in fear of both their lives and their souls.

498: The Domus Magnus of House Bonisagus moves to the City of Greyhawk, building a covenant just outside the Free City.

501: Madrigan becomes Primus of House Guernicus.

532: Members of House Flambeau set up a new covenant near Greyhawk, founding a second Domus Magnus there. Wizard War is declared against this false House by the Flambeau in Aerdy.

572: The Dawnbreak Clan of Rauxes attempts a coup to overthrow Ivid, with the help of some magi of Tytalus. The attempt is thwarted, and the Primus of House Tytalus is executed for treason.

582: The Greyhawk Wars begin.

585: The current year.

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