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Other Campaign Diaries

The City of Monuments

This is a Pathfinder campaign I ran set in Magnimar, with modifications for a more low fantasy, urban campaign setting.

The theme of the game would be a group of city dwellers working with/against a number of factions in the city, such as thieves, merchants, nobles and other more unusual groups. Needless to say, rules from Ultimate Intrigue are probably going to feature.

It is expected that the level cap for the campaign will be 6th - 9th level. There won't be a hard cap as such, but experience awards will tend to level out, making progression beyond this slow.

House Rules

Character Generation

Players can each have up to three characters defined. Only one character can be in play at once, but other characters can be used as either backups in the case of death, or as options when a particular adventure calls for a different skill set.

The primary character is the one being actively played. The other characters count as secondary. To be valid, a secondary character must have a name, race and class defined - though particular attributes and skills don't need to be fleshed out until they enter play.

When the primary character gains XP, an dditional 75% of that XP value can be split amongst your valid secondary characters. So if your primary character gets 800 XP, a secondary character also gets 600XP (or they could both get 300 XP). How much XP the primary character gets is never affected by this split.

Character Death

If a character dies, then you can bring it one of your secondary characters. Even if you don't want to play two characters, having a secondary backup means you don't have to start a new character at 1st level. If you have no secondary characters to fall back on, then you're starting a new character at 1st level with 0 XP.

Only one of your characters can be non-human at any given time. None of them can be the same class as another. For multi-classed characters, all classes count in this restriction (so if you have a fighter/rogue, other characters can't have fighter or rogue levels).

You may retire a character at any point. It will become an NPC controlled by the GM.

Ability Scores

  • Using the purchase method only.
    • 15 points to start with.

Characters do not gain a +1 bonus to an ability every four levels. Instead, every level after first, you gain 1 point to spend on raise ability scores using the purchase method. Costs are considered before the +2/-2 modifiers.

Costs after character generation for abilities above 18 follow a similar progression:

Score Points
19 21
20 26
21 31
22 37


The following races are allowed: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Half-Elf.

It may be possible to encounter other races during play, and pick one up. For example, if you encounter a tribe of Ratfolk and befriend them, one of them might be willing to tag along and join the group as a PC. Merely meeting a Tiefling in the marketplace doesn't count.


The following classes are allowed. Some aren't either because they probably won't fit into the style of the game (e.g. Paladins and Druids), because they focus on rules I don't want to bring in (e.g. Gunslingers) or because I don't want the hassle of them in Roll20 (e.g. Summoners).

Core Classes: Barbarian (Unchained), Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Monk (Unchained), Ranger, Rogue (Unchained), Sorcerer, Wizard

Base Classes: Alchemist, Inquisitor, Magus, Oracle, Vigilante, Witch

Hybrid Classes: Arcanist, Bloodrager, Brawler, Investigator, Shaman, Skald, Slayer, Warpriest

Occult Classes: Not at this point in time, but willing to consider. I will probably bring them in as NPCs first to see how they play.

Prestige classes must be gained through roleplay, not simply 'levelled up' to. Prestige classes cannot be taken before 6th level. Some, such as the Mystic Theurge are simply banned.


Human characters may start with up to 3 background traits. Non-humans may take a racial trait, plus up to two other traits.

Hero Points

Hero Points will not be used.

Other Things



Magic Items

Magic items which require a caster level higher than 3rd are not commonly available anywhere (using the 75% chance rule).

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