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Races of Greyhawk

There are many intelligent races in Oerik, the most numerous of which are the humans, followed closely by the goblins.

Non-human Player Characters


The elfin races number about half a dozen, and are quite varied in their outlook and physical appearance. Out of all the fey descended races, the elves, along with the goblins, are the closest to their ancestors. They have a love of the old forests, and are strongly aligned to the Seelie Courts. On the whole, they avoid the company of humans, except in the case of the High Elves, who have taken many humans ways as their own.

There are two things which are common to all the elves, these being their long lives and their short memories. Elves live naturally for several hundred years, but they forget after a time, their old memories fading over time.

Elfin Characters

Players wishing to play an elf may do so, and are assumed to start at fifty years of age or older. Even the shortest lived of the elves don't start aging until around 200 years. Longevity potions have no effect on elves. The elf's human age equivalent is 20 at the start of the game.

Companion elves begin with 100 experience, regardless of age. Elfin magi begin with 50 experience.

Elves are normally ageless, except when they partake of human like activities. Time spent studying or amongst humans increases their human equivalent age, and they suffer all the side effects of aging as this goes up. Elves who live amongst nature and do not stress themselves can live for many centuries.

All elves gain a free experience point at the end of the Winter season, just as humans do.

Grey Elves

For each season spent away from elven lands, a Grey Elf will age one season. For every two seasons spent in study in their own lands, a grey elf will age a season.

High Elves

High elves (also known as Common Elves by the rest of their kind) are closest to humanity, and as such are also the furthest from their faerie ancestors.

Each season that a high elf spends in study or training ages them a season. For every year they are outside their homeland, they age one season.

Wood Elves

The Wood Elves are the most Fey of all the Elven races, being slight of build, but quick and very beautiful. They have much in their nature which is magical, though it is neither Hermetic or overly predictable. Wood elves spend the Winter season idle, if not completely asleep.

All Wood Elves start with the following virtues and flaws for free: Faerie eyes (+1), Faerie Sight (+1), Plant ken (+1), Never Sleep (+5), Winter Sleep (-4).

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