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2010/11/18 - Mud Fight

It is night. It is muddy.

It is decided to go back and find the Rhino, an try and find the pirate's shuttle. In the dark. When we don't know where it is. We get to Rhino, and head off and get lost.

Eventually our tracker locates the enemy shuttle. Caine and Zuriel sneak round the side whilst the Rhino drives in. Creep up on shuttle, which has four men sheltering next to it. Three are killed quickly, the last is taken prisoner before the Rhino arrives.

Set up defensive positions around the shuttle, and Caine booby traps the cockpit. The prisoner starts to turn rather pale all of a sudden, so we flamer him in case he's infected. Dawn arrives, Zuriel gets a bit of a sniffle.

Early afternoon, some of the pirates approach, there is a brief fight and many are killed but a few pull back. More hours pass and it starts getting dark.

We fall back to cover of the mushrooms. In the night, some pirates fall over us, and we take them out. Falling back to the shuttle again, we encounter some more and shoot them. There is a high pitched keening sound from the darkness. More pirates start moving in.

A big burbling creature attacks. Then more of them. Then a large humanoid figure with worms for a face and a staff. The unholy evil critters are finally defeated.

Later, at the space port, some bodies are discovered minus their brains.

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