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2010/12/02 - House Marilis

An Inquisitor called Rothe visits Peri and shares some information with her.

She calls in the rest of us to fill us in. Rothe was an acolyte of Inquistor Frankin - an inquisitor Lord of the Calixis Sector. Apparently he has a fixation with artillery for some reason. We think he has some suspect motives or desires.

Apparently he has already killed Inquistor Stelgar with a well placed artillery strike, somewhere on Scintilla. Or something. The description was a bit unclear. Stelgar had been investigating trading families working for the Ameranthine Syndicate. House Marilis (on Scintilla), a merchant family in particular. They are working the right area where some of the unusual stuff has been happening. They are well known for their charitable works. They are starting to get involved with the syndicate.

House Marilis are going to be throwing a party soon to celebrate some big trade deals after a run of bad luck. Seems to have been pirate action possibly directed at them.

Peri has asked Inquisitor Frost for the help of the white sage.

Lady Jessica is heir of the house, daughter of Lord Marilis. She is the companion of a rogue trader Caarn

Our police operative friend Madison Groove helps us with surveillance of those going to the party. Finds that there have been 4 deaths in the last couple of weeks of healthy middle aged people close by to the Marilis property. They were simply found dead on the streets. It looks like they simply died. It may have been psychic, or a drug,

We go to the party, getting in with a silver invite. Some core group of people with gold invites stay in a central area which others aren't allowed into.

Then we notice Elsagerry Crin, a playwright of a particularly bloody play that was acted out at a party for the Joyous Choir many years ago. He challenges Trick to a duel, in revenge for a previous duel back then, It is to first blood, and Trick loses.

Then Melina (Zuriel's ex-girlfriend, a member of the Joyous Choir, who he left after some unexpected events) turns up. She is now a high ranking member of the Joyous Choir. She invites me into the gold area. She seems to be reasonably happy and cheerful. We go into a ceremony to praise the Emperor. It turns into an orgy. Leaving the orgy, the others outside in the gold area are all unconscious on the floor. There is another door open with a disabled alarm. Zuriel calls in the others and goes through into the room.

It is a trophy room containing cases of various things. One of the cases is smashed and empty. The label on it says “The Assessor”. Xenos artifact known to induce drug like highs in those that use it. Purpose unknown, creators probably Eldar. Located in vicinity of Hesreth Abyss. Certified as authentic by Tregor del Selemandai.

Peri summons in an inquisition containment team, and we close the party down.

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