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2010/12/09 - Party Poopers

Zuriel goes into the orgy and grabs Melina, pulling her outside. She tries to make out with him. Our inquisitor starts questioning her and accussing her of being a heretic. She seems confused about what is going on. They were invited by the organisers of the party. The acrobatics were hired by the House.

According to one of the medics, the unconscious people were exposed to some form of narcotic gas.

Lady Jessica is annoyed, then becomes cooperative when she sees that an artifact has been taken.

Veyda finds out that one of those that had been found dead over the recent past had access to the Xenos vault.

Zuriel takes Melina back to her church to get a list of places where they have been partying.

Peri talks to Lady Jessica, who gives some info on the Amarinthean Syndicate and what happened in the Hasaroth Abyss. She knows her losses had probably been due to the Syndicate, but joining them was the easiest way to get back to profitability. She doesn't believe that the Syndicate is allied with the Xenos.

Zuriel gets to a large 3 story church of the Joyous Choir in the lower levels of the Hive with Melina. Archimandrite Sipirit Daneen wanders into the office where Melina is going over the records. He says hello and wanders out. Doesn't seem particularly bothered.

Zuriel leaves Melina at the Church and heads back to the party to meet up with Peri.

Jessica's brother Rancell arranged for the acrobats. Apparently he is socially awkward but very good with numbers.

Veyda uncovers financial irregulatories with the accounts of the acrobat Lom Corando who left with the artifact. These are linked to Jason Pollot, who was one of the men who met in the restuarant when we first started investigating the syndicate. One of the accounts involved is that of a dead noble family.

Also payments to Jessica's brothers Rancell and Hadrik. Not a huge amount, but might be useful if they wanted to hide purchases from the rest of the family.

Cain takes the Psycher Andor Prill into the Xeno vault to have a sniff around. She detects something strange, and a man turns up, calling himself Crador (another brother). Cain asks Andor to check him, and he falls over. Cain then passes out himself. When he wakes up, Andor is also unconscious. The brother is gone. After Cain rushes out to try and find where he went, he discovers that his face is covered in painted sigils.

Also, another display case in the vault has been broken into. It was the one containing a rod which may have been part of the original item. Since we'd taken all the items back to HQ, nothing was actually taken.

According to cameras, the person who broke into it was Caine. And he painted his own face, before slumping unconscious. The sigils were for binding and communication, related to chaos.

Veyda questions Rancell. It involves 'torturing' his plastic parrot. He doesn't seem to know where the money in the accounts came from. Ditto for the other brother.

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