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2011/03/07 - Down the Rabbit Hole

We get out the ship into a large rock chamber. Above us is a hole a few hundred metres across. The chamber is about 500m across, and dimly lit by lights around the edges. There is a doorway set in the wall of the chamber, which Zuriel heads towards whilst Victus scans with his machine that goes ping.

Next to the door is a panel with some buttons. Zuriel presses the green button and the door opens into an airlock. We enter and go through into another airlock. A light scans us, there is a failed noise, and guns pop out of the corners of the room and point at us. The light scans us again, and again there is a failure. Finally a light opens in the ceiling and scans each of us individually, failing everyone in turn until it focuses on Zuriel, at which point it is happy and the door opens.

People look strangely at Zuriel. It's not my fault.

We walk out into a tunnel, which leads us into another room. There is a hatch in the floor with a railing around it, and beside it is a box with a red and green button. Pressing the green button opens the iris hatch, and there is a spiral staircase going down.

Another room with four doors in each wall. Behind them all is a very long corridor. Going down one, we come across doors on either side. There are offices here, with computational devices which are way too small, with way too few knobbly bits and a lack of holy machine oils. There are thin data slates in the room. Everything reports a system lock down.

Lots more rooms, all full of shiny new stuff. All seems unused.

Peri goes off down the 2nd corridor or not, gets confused and follows Zuriel, and Cain and Victus go off in the 3rd door.

Zuriel heads down the fourth corridor. At the end of the corridor is a big heavy door, darkness beyond, spots of light in the floor. Going through, it seems to be a door in an empty flat void. There is no wall to this room, just the door in the middle. There is a garbled message from Cain stating that they have found something interesting.

Closing the door from the void side, another door seems to open some distance away. Standing on a spot of light, Zuriel sinks through the floor into a small room (some of the other lights seem to flicker and change colour). There is an archway which opens out onto a rocky world. Cannot step through the doorway, there is a warning voice which states “System lockdown in progress”.

We step into the light again, and rise back up into the void room. We open the door and go back to the initial chamber to await Cain and Victus. Thy eventually turn up, to tell of rooms containing aliens in stasis and a huge STC (Standard Template Constructor) capable of building a light cruiser.

A little robot floats past. It appears to be a cleaner.

We all go back to the void room. Closing the door, we head towards the distant door. We get to the door, open it into a corridor which leads to a lift. It won't allow us to go up, so we go down. Accelerating down, after a few minutes the walls retract and we are hurtling down on a metal disc in a large space full of gigantic machines. After a few more minutes we come out into a large open space that seems to be well lit.

There is a sense of movement in the distance and the odd of flash of light, then there is an impossibly vast metal girder that flashes past. We appear to be inside a huge rotating set of triple rings. They are rotating very fast. We are still moving towards the centre. There is a light below, a ring, and we begin decellerating. There is a ring of metal, about a kilometre across like a walkway, which the lift finally comes to rest upon. There are four tower like crescent constructions built into it, which go up and down. There is a doorway at the base of each tower, and a window at the tips of each.

There is a speck, using a telescope we can see our ship. Comming the ship, apparently it has been 'eaten' by the planet and is now stuck inside, being dragged in further. Going into a tower, follow a spiral staircase up.

Checking another tower, there is a door at the top. There is a panel next to the door. Zuriel puts his hand on the panel, and the door opens. Inside are more small computers, which a captain's chair with a large number of cables and other things connected to it. Zuriel sits on the chair, but it buzzes an error. Zuriel. Tries some voice commands, but they are all rejected.

Some of the instruments light up to voice commands. They are more likely to go green than red when Zuriel speaks, but go lots red when anyone else speaks.

Victus tries sitting in the seat, and some lights come on on the armrest. He presses a button and is forcibly connected into the chair. A helmet descends onto his head. He is still alive. Things seem to happen. Victus tells us he's stopped the ship being dragged in. Checking with the ship, they are now able to leave. Victus also tells us a couple of dreadnaughts are inbound to us. There is a tingling, and black flames start flickering around things. Something seems to be coming from the centre.

Victus disconnects himself and explains a bit about what he felt. We get our ship to send us a shuttle to pick us up. It is getting darker, but we can still see.

Apparently this place was designed to build Construct One, It has been built, but is in pieces, it's pattern needs to be completed. There was a User One in the system, and a User Two which was probably Harloc. There is a coming singularity and light will be consumed by darkness. Apparently Zuriel showed up as a friend. Also, the emperor showed up as a warm and fuzzy presence.

Victus plugs himself back into the machine and starts exploring whilst we wait for the shuttle. Suddently the shuttle appears next to us. It vanishes again and is docked with the ship, and suddenly we are all aboard the ship. The ship escapes the planet. The dark zone vanishes, and there is just a planet there.

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