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2011/03/28 - They're using tactics!

Athennas loots the body. There is a 'discussion' about what to do with the 4 swords of the spider thing, and eventually they are locked into a cupboard. Victus opens the big ornate double doors. Beyond is a large circular room, about 30m across. It is divded into 2 areas by a circle of desks and comfy seating around a depression in the centre. In the middle is a cylindrical metal object, plus a second at the far end which has cables coming out of it.

There are alcoves with desks in around the edges of the room, plus book cases which are floor to ceiling.

There is a control panel next to the 2nd cylinder. There are alien crystal controls on the panel, but there's a more standard Imperial design control panel plugged into the side of it. The buttons have little pins in them, which would probably draw blood if the button is pressed.

Athennas and Victus play around with things. A couple of human sized capsules open, one with spiky things in it and the other has some tubing near the ceiling.

Cain and Zuriel head back towards the room with the void shield. We manage to keep in contact via comms. The shield is still on. They switch it off. Investigating the control room, there is a data slate plugged into the controls, which Cain removes, which stops the message being broadcast.

We cover up the mirrors with carpet, then go up to find the crew. Apparently whilst we've been down here, a new ship has appeared in the system and was entering orbit. Our ship powered down to avoid detection after sending a quick message to the ground crew. At this stage we don't know the nature of the new vessel.

We take the crew downstairs so they can find the right bits from the power system. Soon after, there is the sound of an explosion, from the general direction of the shuttle. We begin setting up demolitions. Going back to the Harlock clones, we open the stasis tubes and kill them.

A shuttle or something flies over the building. There is the sound of distant bangs. We setoff the demolitions in the far control chamber. We head outside. There is smoke coming from where our shuttle used to be. An Imperial gunship of some kind flies overhead. As we begin to head out, someone begins to attack us.

They lay down covering smoke and move forward. Zuriel charges forward and starts taking out those staying in the tree line and providing cover, the rest stay in the building and defend from there. Shortly, the attackers are wiped out. The gunship flies over and bombs the building.

Zuriel heads back to find the rest. Someone snipes him in the head, which hurts. Victus heals him completely. Zuriel heads in the direction from where the shot came from, and runs into a dozen or so people who catch him in a crossfire. He's hit once, and heads back deeper into the forest towards the shuttle, which seems to be laying down artillery fire on the building. He meets a couple of assassins in the trees, who use some form of sorcerous powers on him. However, it doesn't stop them from dying.

One of them carries a auspex scanner, which shows the position of the troops and shuttle. Zuriel heads in the direction of where he thinks the rest of his party are.

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