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2011/04/18 - Back to Scintilla

We take a slow ship back to Scintilla, which takes a couple of months. Zuriel sends a covert message to Inquisitor Frost to arrange for an unofficial meeting.

We need to warn people about the Expediant Profit (which may be clockwork), Inquisitor Rothe who appears to have gone to the darkside, and the Harlock clones and stuff on the various planets.

Athenas gives Zuriel a report to give to Frost, which he promptly reads. We get down to the planet without incident.

That night, we go to the warehouse where we've arranged to meet. Trick turns up.

Apparently Rothe is part of the Cabal - an Inquisitorial Faction. He hasn't been around for a while. She isn't aware of anything nasty going on. We give her the report, plus some extra info about Rothe being evil etc etc.

We go to the Joyous Choir to meet up. Inside, there is a guy giving a sermon and a few people in there listening. Athenas turns up, and we swap info. She confirms that the Cabal are evil. We go find a hotel to sleep in.

Athenas and Zuriel go to the Tricorn Palace in the morning. Ralgo is very pleased to see his mistress. Then we go to the archives to try and read up on things.

The Tyrantine Cabal was formed a few centuries ago by the Sector Grand Inquisitor, and Lord Inquisitor Zerbe was put in charge. It is said to be quite influential, possibly too influential according to some people. There is a bit of a counter culture that is solidifying around Inquisitor Wroth (not Rothe) which is working against the influence of the Cabal. On occassion the Cabal acts to maintain the lack of information about it. Several have met unfortunate ends after investigating the Cabal.

Then we all decide to go up to the moon to do some research there. After we get there it's mentioned that the place is run by the Cabal. When we go in, we seem to get locked into a stone room via some complex Cube like process. They keep us there overnight. Possibly in the morning, there is another complex mechanism which moves us to a series of rooms of tests and checks and strange things. Eventually we get to a stupid old man who is some sort of librarian.

We eventually make our way to the archives.

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