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2011/05/16 - Valorous Fury

Apparently Athenaus wants us to go somewhere and blow shit up. Still not quite sure why.

We take a shuttle up to orbit and dock with the ship Valorous Fury 17462. We are locked into a small section of the ship, and head out. Very quickly, we enter the warp. Weeks pass as the navigator tries to follow the path that Athenaus has set out based on dodgy info from some mad man.

Two and a half months later…

We arrive at a white dwarf star which has a single planet in orbit around it. Possibly a large terrestrial. We congregate to watch the scanners as the Valorous Fury approaches it.

About 1.1 Earth masses, surface temperature around -20C. Mostly nitrogen and inerts for atmosphere. The planet has a huge planet cracking crater, with a huge chasm running across it. A little smaller crater is at the side of the main one. In the small crater is a construct of some kind.

The construct seems to be a plinth several hundred metres across with a pyramid sitting on top. There are many of these.

Athenaus plays with some octagonal 'key' she has, which glows whenever the ship passes over the constructs. Suddenly we are elsewhere. All of us who were in the room aren't. It is cold, but breathable.

We are in a large stone hall, lit by strange crystals. There seems to be circuitry in the walls, some of it linking the crystals to each other. It seems to be a 'corridor', 100m wide and 200m tall. In one direction is a wall of rubble, in the other direction it stretches as far as we can see. After 700/800m it opens up into two large caverns either side, both triangle shaped. There is a square plinth in the centre of each, and alcoves in the walls of each room.

There seem to be coffin like things in each room. If we try to move the coffins, the alcoves light up.

Further down the corridor is another smaller pyramid shaped room. More stupidly sized corridors beyond. Some time later, there is a flickering in the light. Looking up, are swarms of objects walking on top of a crystal roof.

A large mechanoid floats towards us. It has two large claws and eight legs beneath it. It has a laser in one claw and a trident in the other. Cain and Athenaus open up on it, and Victus creates a wall of fire in front of it, blocking access to it for Zuriel. It opens up with laser fire against Athenaus. The fire goes out, but as Zuriel approaches something causes his powerswords to stop working. The thing seems to be having problems as well.

Things start working again, and it closes the distance. Zuriel tries to hit it, but does little damage, so leaves it to everyone else to wittle it down with gunfire. As it gets into melee, it strikes at Cain with what could be a killing blow, but Zuriel dives in the way, slicing it a final blow and taking the damage himself, ignoring it. The machine dies.

Find a big green crystal on top of a high pedastal. Victus tries to fly up to it, though it is protected by some form of force field. The crystal starts charging… we start running as lightning bolts try to blast us.

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