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2011/05/30 - Time Team

We are sneaking around outside the main building. There was some movement inside the buildings. Athenas cracks the security pad on the door and it opens without too much fuss. Inside is big room with three doors. There are stacks of crates, tables, an elevator disc and a pile of junk. There is a man in armour carrying a crate. He drops the crate and runs for a weapon. Zuriel charges in after him, striking with his blades. A force field stops the blow however.

Zuriel strikes him a few times in the head, as he grabs a pike and tries to hit back, failing. More blows are deflected by his field, but he is unable to land a blow himself, so Zuriel backs off to bring him out into the open. Finally, Zuriel stabs him through his helmet, and he falls to the floor, dead. Examining him, he is anther elf-like person.

The side rooms seem to be some sort of offices. On the tables are rocks and bits of metal and brushes. It looks like an archaeology find of some kind. There is other rubbish around the room, including lots of packing material.

We go up in the lift. There is a circular room with one door. Athenas breaks the security again, and we go through into a short corridor. There is a small camera, which we disable. Through the final door is a room divided in two by a glass partition. There are a couple of desks and two large video screens. There is another armoured person who has just grabbed a force pike. He presses some buttons on the desk, probably an alarm.

Zuriel smashes through the glass, whilst Athenas blasts through the door. Zuriel and he get into melee, and Zuriel cuts him but blows are generally deflected by his energy field. He finally gets in a blow against Zuriel, inflicting an unholy wound. Zuriel chops off his leg, and he falls down dead. Victus is able to heal Zuriel's wound.

Through further doors there seem to be storage rooms where it seems material which has been processed down stairs is being stored. There is a room full of active alien (probably Adrentai) circuitry, which is humming away. Athenas wants to keep the alien tech functioning.

Up a level, to another office/storage room with comfy sofas.

There are two armoured people armed with staves. They shoot rays of pinkish light at us. Zuriel charges at one, whilst Athenas shoots at the other. After much bouncing off force fields, Zuriel dispatches his. Athenas uses a Krak grenade at the other, and shoots him with her melta gun. Victus seems to be doing a lot of gesturing, but not much else.

Zuriel goes to the aid of Athenas, and helps her finish off the final elf.

We go down to the basement. There is another office, with four doors leading off. On a desk, there is a hot mug of steaming drink. i There are some working machines and weapons down here. There are also a couple of science labs.

We go back out to the cavern, and head to the back of the area. There is a tunnel which goes on for several km. There is another cavern, which has four stone pillars. One is damaged. There are cojugators hooked up to them. A further tunnel goes further on.

There are more tunnels, finally ending in another cavern. There are crates here, and another lift disc.

There is a robot here with some sort of plasma gun and flame thrower, which fires a pink bolt of energy at us. Zuriel and Athenas dive behind the crates whilst Victus tries some sorcery against it. It tries to shoot at us, but its weapons fail. So do Zuriel's.

Victus summons fire down upon it, which causes the ammo to blow up. Zuriel is caught in an unholy explosion.

Most of what was in the cavern is destroyed.

Going down the lift, it goes down a long way. Eventually it comes out in another cavern. There are more crates, and a crevase which goes down to a faint glow of lava below. There is some survival equipment and rations here, which we take.

Another lift goes down, but it seems to be locked with some form of security error. There seems to be no obvious way to override it, so Victus flies down the crevase to scout things out.

Below is a large pyramid, somewhat damaged. There are pillars rising out of the lava, and around them are walkways similar to those at the centre of the Dark Zone. There is a lift here, which Victus is able to activate to bring it back up to us, so we can ride it back down. There was a little bit of movement which Victus spotted. Another robot guardian was down there.

We go and get Cain and the navigator, to get hold of Cain's melta bombs. We come up with a plan to get rid of the robot. Victus jams its weapons, then wall of fires it, however it fails to explode. It charges at Victus, who runs back, and is it goes past Athenas slaps a melta bomb on it. It continues to chase Victus, finally unjamming its plasma gun, firing at Victus but misses it. Then the melta bomb goes off. The robot is no longer an issue.

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