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Drinking and Dragons

Our champion partakes in much carousing in celebration of his win. The night passes…

The following day there is a procession to recognise the new champion, and Good King Zarthrax comes out on his throne. He looks old and unwell, but people seem to be pleased to see him. Many awards are given, and finally Caine is summoned up and the King presents him with his award. There is then a long speech about having to slay the dragon. Apparently they want us to do the hardwork. Well, Cain at any rate.

There is then much feasting.

If we kill the dragon then they will provide us with the seal that will allow us into the wizard's tower. There is debate about whether to kill the dragon, or try the tower first anyway. Currently, the decision is to go find the dragon. We will not be going alone, but with an entourage of about 100 people.

Victus manages to 'learn some spells', including some type of bolt of fire. He then buys a lot of 'scrolls'. We also stock up on large weapons.

We head off, on a week long journey. The pace isn't particularly quick, but there are a lot of us on slow carts.

During the last day of our travels, we come upon a small village that has been destroyed. There are some survivors here, but most of the buldings have been knocked down. The dragon attacked 3 nights ago, and took a couple of people. Tracks lead off into the forest - big three toed footprints.

There is drinking at night at the village, then in the morning we head into the forest after the dragon, leaving everyone else behind to guard the caravan.

We come across a clearing with some Orks. There are some huts, and a fire with a human being roasted over it. We attack, and after a brief fight slay the five Orks. Victus kills one by blowing up the hut it runs into with a barrage of flaming darts.

There is a sound of heavy footsteps and crashing trees. Into the clearing comes a dragon. About 5m tool, lizard like with big teeth.

Zuriel darts in and hits the back of its leg, his blades bouncing off its scales. Victus tries something, and causes everyone to fall upwards for a second. Zurel and Cain strike at it again, both wounding it. It claws at Zuriel, who sidesteps and slices it twice more, cutting it deeply. Athenas hits it in the eye with her crossbow. Zuriel slices its stomach, then Cain strikes at it and slays it. We dodge as its body falls to the ground.


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