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2010/11/11 - Out to Lunch

2010/11/11 - Recusant

I have an office manager by the name of Ralgo Droom. Probably a good thing but I suspect he is reporting to someone else. Nothing else could explain the cake contest. I suspect I'll never be able to face that shade of blue again.

Had lunch with Trick and I managed to lipread the suspects. The Syndicate are worried about someone called Recusant. Have asked Trick to see if Madison Groove (useful chap) can follow Frexan (the informee) while Trick and I grab Vontillia (the Informer)and have a word with him.

Outcome of talking to Vontillia was mixed. I now know about number of worlds where Recusnat has been operating which is Good. Vontialla has become a pile of voracious Fungal Goo which is Bad. However Vontilla was highly flammable so that Was Very Good. Two out of three is acceptable I suppose.

Have looked into what Recusant has been up to and he's been a naughty boy. Piracy, raiding and causing a colony to disappear off the net. We will need to go out there and do something about it I suppose.

Cain looked around for transport and Spear of Vengeance 2 is on commissioning trials and he has asked them to trial out by Bolun which is where I think Recusand is going next. I have borrowed Rhino 1 from the PDF in case we have to travel far on the surface.

SPV2 is very clean and doesn't rattle at all. I'm not sure hat the Machine Spirits will know how to find the right stuff in the dark. Still it got us to Bolun where we duly found Pirates. SOV2 will case Pirates while we investigate the planet; especially the burning bit.

Well, the data on Bolun wasn't incorrect; it is agricultural. Only for some definitions of agriculture that involve Mud and Mushrooms. I wonder if this is where Vontilla got his Fungal Goo thing from.

I am not going to record anything about traversing Bolun, ZellZellZell or picnics. It is too squalid to refer to. However Cain and Zuriel have captured a couple of the pirates and we now have an objective in the Pirate's shuttle. Once we get there we may be able to leave this mudpit.

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