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2011/01/20 - Nobody expects ...

The Imperial Auditors…

I'm not an Inquisitor; I'm a bloody Auditor or some form of combat Forensic Accountant.

Not at all what I was expecting when I got recruited.

Today I had the deep joy of auditing the what was going on and around the station. I am not sure what is going to be more worrying; the data I'm going to get from the tech priest or the fact that he/she/it approved of the format and structure I requested. I'm sure that one has to worry when one gets the compliment of “logical” from a mostly machine.

The Rogue Trader Captain Eloise Selenek has been useful; mostly because she wants rid of us while her station is still intact I suspect. I wonder if her ship lacks a functional vox system; she certainly projects enough to not need one. Still she has provided access to the data I wanted and the services of Pilbeam who is efficient. Scarily similar to Cain though; I wonder if they are related or its just the effect of the Guard.

Cain has proved vastly efficient again. He has found a store which Glarkis people have been raiding. We have access to a piece of ancient technology which is the twin of one that Glarkis has stolen. We can track him.

Also audited the Fenx Glory; they have been shipping millions of people off world to this station and thence to Glarkis' vessel. Where do they end up? I suspect the answer will not be pleasant but that we will find it.

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