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Baojian is a scepter, which is also a spirit that Fujiko spoke to. It is one of the items that Xan Li believes to herald the end of civilisation as he knows it - or something. It was mentioned in some poem.

Second Conversation with Fujiko

She is dead and not in danger. Her sister and her bind themselves to their bloodline for a need. Three sisters of one birth. They saw long ago a wound in the world - all three they saw but the time was not right to act, neither were they right to act. So they made a chance and bound that chance with their lives. They are made to kill possibilities. They died for their power - their sister had her three… she is dead now a long time ago, she had three daughters who had children… from them came the swordsman, an empress and a traveller.

Probably referring to the Hantai bloodline, which is now extinct. Empress number one was a mysterious daughter of a mysterious fisherman.

She is dead, she does not decide. Choices belong to the living. She really isn't making much sense.

The children of the children are not dead. So the chance persists. There is still hope. The future can die. The world is not doomed.

There is a heated discussion about whether the jade scepter looks like a pomegranate, an onion or a toffee apple…

The world is made up of different spirit realms, and they are jealous of each other, and they are worried about Jigoku.

Third Conversation

The crystal the spirits are in is a shield rather than a prison. The The Jade Empress is one of their descendants.

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