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The day after the wedding Bortai goes hunting.

Two days after the wedding, Doji Kanori and Yogo Jiro summons us all together. He feels that there is a worrying thread of dodgy activity related to the Shadow Lands which they are investigating. Apparently we've helped in this. They ask that we don't tell anyone else about the goings on. We tell them that actually we've already told lots of people…

The ambassador from the Ivory Kingdoms is Rama Sing in the capital of Toshi Ranbo. He may know something about things.

We then get a message from the Ratling Lore Master, who says he is willing to meet with us to chat about the prophecy. We also need to go back up to Exile's Gate to find out info from the Unicorn.

The plan is to go down and see the Ratling Lore Master first.

The Nezumi Lore Master

We head down to the Shadow Lands and cross the Wall. Camp the night with no fire but keeping a watch. The following morning we are met by a Nezumi named Grey Tail. He leads us to the entrance to the caverns of the Nezumi. The tunnels are rather low, so we all have to crawl. We meet the Lore Master, and old and grey furred Nezumi.

The world was unmade a long time ago when the Kami came. Then it was remade into Rokugan. When it is made again it may be something different. The Nezumi, Troll and Ogres lived in the world before the Kami. There was no taint back then. There were many places of knowledge. The City of the Dead has been found in the north, in the lands of the Unicorn.

The City of the Dead is in Unicorn lands. Access to it is controlled by the Unicorn. It is full of interesting stuff.

Gods are dying all over the place at the moment. The Undying dies.

The Lost is Found: Daigotsu Hotori looks like a Crane but isn't a Crane. Daigotsu Yaiginden also not a Crane. Shahai, looks like a Unicorn but isn't a Unicorn. Lady of Blood. She did something really naughty. She killed the dark daughter, which apparently she shouldn't have done. She took the power of the dark daughter. They are all members of the Lost.

The Emperor's Child: He says that Daigotsu is the last Hantai, brother to Hantai 39th.

The Traveller: Says that these are the Moto.

Destroyed can be made whole/wheel can be broken: Means the Nezumi will get their stuff back.

Style of poem has not been seen since human civilisation was first destroyed. Written in that time, or by someone who has studied that time.

Truth is Shinsei, Code is Bushido, Honour is the Nezumi.

He says that they have an old cities down south many days from here. Will need much jade to reach them safely. There are old records and libraries in these cities which we could investigate. The Lore Master says he can send someone with us to show us the way. He would like some land on the other side of the Wall. Bortai tells them that they can simply follow the Wall west until they get to its end, then slip round the edge. Nobody will notice.

So, we head back to the Wall and put in a request for 35 fingers of Jade… it's going to take a few days for them to find that much. When we get it, we will be ready to head south towards the old Nezumi cities. Once we've sorted out how to carry 35 weeks worth of rations.

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