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There is much discussion between the wizards about what to do about the ward. I pick up a knucklebone and chuck it at the ward - it bounces. I next try a small skull, and that goes through. We walk through, and find ourselves in a beautiful garden outside a huge many columned building. The city surrounds us, it looks like the dead city but is not ruined.

We head into the large building, which is large and grandoise. The first hall is like a dark forest, made of tall stone pillars. The second room is like a bright meadow. It is lit by a small globe that sits in the middle of the room. Standing next to the globe is a lion headed man - a Kitsu.

The Kitsu Name Speaker Myashi. He says the wards are failing, they were powered by those who cast it. He is the only one left.

Myashi says he is the last of the wizards that created the wards. He has about six months left to live, and when he dies the wards will fail with him. He guards sacred items which are awaiting their destined users. When woken by their destined users, they will grant the power to shape the remaking of the world. The items are:

  • Three jewels - cure wounds, cure poison and cure disease.
  • A long spear - ignores armour (used with polearms skill)
  • A sword - katana like, excellent sword, damage depends on honour.
  • Armour - mail hauberk, count as unarmoured and +6 TN.
  • A bow - gives automatic emphasis, excellent quality
  • A fan - adds to air magic

The Tsuno are seeking the items in order to destroy them.

Then we all decide to sod the weapons, since there are also some magical lunch boxes of infinite food, and canteens of infinite hot tea. They provide enough food and water for once person to survive on. We all take one or two - I take two.

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