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At the Winter Court. Lots of silly stuff being done. Someone sends me a falcon and a wargaming board (may be different people).

Kuni Acuro (Aki's sister) asks us to help her with some stolen items.

Find some Oni-Su in the rooms. They are cursed dolls which represent Sins of the clans.

Fujiko lets the Empress know, and then we have a big important meeting with the Emperor and his advisors. They are somewhat upset about this, and the head of security goes off to commit suppuka due to total lack of ability.

Go talk to Doji Saoiri, who is a magistrate who specialises in the underworld, to see if there have been any Maho victims.

He says that children have been going missing over the last 9 months. Matsu Miahara has been looking into the missing children.

Couple of 6 year old children. They were provided by Kuwara Hira, a known crime lord.

Enter fan painting competition. Do not win.

Go on investigation to unlicensed brothel. Aki leads some people all subtle like to take up positions inside the brothel unseen. We kick in the door and wack people with Jo sticks (or at least, I do). Everybody suddenly starts behaving themselves after a few people go down. Aki runs up stairs and meets a dark wizard and some goblins. There is also a man sitting in his own blood in a circle of candles and magical inscriptions.

Bortai runs up and helps finish off the goblins, but the dark wizard has vanished by then. Bortai charges the man in the circle, but bounces off a magical wall. She runs downstairs, and thrusts her no-dachi up through the floorboards, aiming to attack from below. She guesses correctly as to where he is, and kills him.

Some time later Fujiko turns up to investigate the maho evilness.

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