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Shining Pearl Bay

Stayed at the Lotus Inn. Asked by Matsu Gozu to listen in on conversation. Should go to the pleasure city and meet Tombi, who will give instructions that should be obeyed. His son has been a stupid boy. Taking orders from the Lotus. Talking to a Mantis with a lisp.

Village of the Golden Pines

Particularly nice village, untouched by recent earthquake. Mutterings about a witch. Lots of rice and rabbits. Samuari in charge here is Shiba Orinosuke. Mitsuko is pretty woman who is his wife.

Winter Court

Logic painting puzzle to open a box. Paint some paintings around it. = Appproached by Kitsu Saji, who says that he has a dream which he thinks is connected to the Unicorn and me. He has dreamt of big deserts, but not the Shadow lands. He has seeen a great darkness coming, a war - possibly a fortune of war.

House of Setsuko

Important imperial family guy Seppun Ichizo tells us that on the night of the Bon festival, a Lady callled Setsuko was murdered. Several other merchants killed as well. Lady's house is day half away, so we go to have a look.

Get to house. Well kept. In bedroom, lots of blood. Lady was decapitated. Library is damaged. She was a historian of the Hantei. Big picture of a family tree. Last bit missing - last 60 to 120 years.

Otasan Uchi

Gone on to the city the name of which I've probably spelt wrong. It is deserted, though there is a clan of semi-Ronin outside - the Yotsu, who look after the place. Big argument over whether to tell the Yotsu that we are here, decide to in the end since they're going to find out anyway.

Need to try and find where the old catacombs are, to check the grave of the Empress.

It's really cold. Full moon. Staying at a teahouse. Leave horses here before heading down into the forbidden city.

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