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Shosuro Seiko

Has an antique shop in Ryoko Owari. She sold Doji Haruko the jade plaque that started the recent investigation. We go to see her in order to find out where it came from.

She claims never to have sold stolen goods, or to have dealt with Doji Haruko. She also claims that her mother has the same name. Her mother was travelling to see some friends of the family in the Unicorn lands (her uncle Shinjo Dahaki) just before winter, and she failed to arrive. She is currently missing.

Shosuro Seiko goes through her mother's old records. She finds a reference to a swordsman/smith/governer. An item from the shipment from the X. She has found nine such references. Each seems to have gone to a clan.

These shipments have all come from Unicorn territory, probably from exile's gate.

She claims that they must have been delivered as a favour, since no payment was received for them. She does not know anything about their nature.

Fujiko asks that she sends such items to Doji Kanori instead in future.

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