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Casipio ex Merinita

Casipio is an unseelie sidhe - a true faerie; beautiful, cold, and cruel. He is a master of Muto and faerie spells, and specialises in cold, fear and darkness. That said, he is well versed in the more ephemeral arts, but cares nothing for flashy or violent spells. Similarly he disdains death magics, and killing people (where prudent), far preferring to toy with them, and watch them suffer.

His weakness is beauty of any kind - he has a fascination for the truly exquisite whatever form that may take. Women, paintings and song are particular interests, but anything that reminds him of Arcadia finds a treasured place in an otherwise cold heart.

He respects magic wielders of all varieties, and those possessed of knowledge. Whilst not particularly duty-bound to the order, he does not flaunt it either, and certainly respects the it's heritage and learning, even if most does not interest him personally. He cares nothing for the common folk, they are generally an irrelevance that is beneath him - a view which is perhaps in their best interests. Clergy and churches are an object of particular loathing, although this generally takes the form of active avoidance rather than conflict. He is suffers fools not at all, and those showing a lack of respect even less so - his occasional bouts of violent temper mar an otherwise very cool and calm demeanour.

Casipio prefers to avoid cities and conurbations where possible, preferring the wilderness for the most part. When in more civilised lands, he is prone to luxury and finery, and enjoys the atmosphere of elegance and courtrooms.

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