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Chronicle of Gloriole Saga

Year 1258


The magi leave their home covenant and set out to make their way in the world. They have been given an invitation to the wedding of Prince Eric to allow them to make some contacts as a going away present. Also they are allowd to collec the taxes from the outling covenant villages on their route to the wedding. They are accompanied by the companions Sir Mirek and Gunther

On their journey, they come across a village to tax where a group of Bandits lead by GerdTenzer are operating from. They kill the village head woman and take her profits of theft. The Mercere discovers that he is less to be feared than Gerd and his little knives.

Next they help some nuns defend their abbey from a bandit attack. They find out that one of the novices Margaret (Megotta) is missing. Later they rescue Megotta from some woodsmen who want to offer her in sacrifice to the GreatAshTree?.

When the Magi arrive at the castle for the wedding they are lodged at the Pleasaunce, with the Ambassador fom the Eastern Empire Bishop Athanaos of Halicarnassus. Other members of the group include AthenoDore, AmeLike, Marius Coreous and Janus ex Jerbiton. Here they meet Julian ex Flambeau. They also meet a knight with true faith much to the displeasure of the Fae.

The magi meet Prince Eric and Prince Victor and after some confusion with werewolves and an unpleasent incident with a White Hart they find out that Gerd Tenzer is responsible for all the trouble including a vicious attack on Meggotta. They tell Julian and when the dust clears very few people are left alive.

The Magi believe that France will be better for their health and decide to leave Germany until the hue and cry dies down.


High and the castle falling down.

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